Watch Network808’s “Building Your Web Presence” Series – Part 1 and 2.

pic3Network808’s “Building Your Web Presence” Lunch and Learn Sessions with David Oshiro of Time Warner Media Cable was filled with education, networking and supportive materials in strategy of web design and building advisory teams.  Our 1st session topic introduced, What You Need to Get Started?” and session 2 answered the question, How Do I Build a Website?”  Both presentations were video recorded through Google Hangouts and are now available for you in the links below and on “YouTube.”  They include Network808’s Online Guest Registry featuring all attendees that participated in these sessions.  Check it out! 

Session 1: “Building Your Web Presence-What Do I Need To Get Started?”pic4

Session 2: “Building Your Web Presence-How Do I Build a Website?”

Network808 Video Vault:

pic1Session 3 was held on Thursday, September 25th at Resource Suites Hawaii.  In this educational session, David Oshiro of Time Warner Media Cable covered the following topics and answering the following questions: How do I maintain and measure my website? 

Here’s what some of the attendees said about David Oshiro’s sessions:

I like the instructor.  I will recommend others to attend his presentations.

David’s personality is so great & he explains things so well.  His presentation exceeded my expectation.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sending you the final session by the end of month. Tell your Friends about Network808 and join us in person or online.   Bookmark our site and check out the calendar of events and blog at For our international business friends, “See You In Hawaii!”

Gina Salvador
Founder, Network808

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