NETWORK808 presents “From Sizzle to Sale”

NETWORK808 presents “From Sizzle to Sale” on August 24, 2013 at Bonsai Restaurant. FEATURING GAME CHANGER Cheri Tree –1185821_10151833344245535_76607966_n copy Author & Creator of the B.A.N.K system, CEO & Founder of GLOBAL XTS appearing to deliver a powerful presentation that will strengthen your confidence, sales AND influence 300%!

B.A.N.K. is for every entrepreneur and sales professional. The B.A.N.K. System will strengthen your confidence, expand your selling skills and dramatically increase your income. – Les Brown | World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Coach & Best-Selling Author.

B.A.N.K. will teach you how to: * Increase your Sales and Influence 300% * Connect Faster and Easier with Your Prospects * Accelerate Customer Aquisition & Increase Retention * Develop a Highly Trained Sales Force with A Competitive Advantage.

Warming up the crowd, Kyle Quintal of 808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company is very excited about this opportunity to share the love of Latin dancing with you.  Ever dream of dancing but feel you have two left feet?

Here’s what some of our Network808 business friends have to say:

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I found that knowing the BANK code of the participants and the Shaka game was extremely valuable. It gave me the opportunity to know how to communicate with the people at my table at a more intimate level. I want to network, meet people, and build relationships.  – Kristen Robinson, KR Design

Did Cheri Tree’s presentation add value to your professional/personal life?  Yes it did – I thought the sales focused application is genius!   Networking is all about developing relationships and I think your warm welcome, dance card and intimate but casual setting made it very conducive to it, which I found valuable.   – Matthew Arine, CPCU, Atlas Insurance Agency 

Awesome Network808 event with speaker Cherie Tree.  So glad I came because I learned so much!  – Evelyn Dean, Melaleuca 

1234182_10151833344770535_1493069020_n copyCheri Tree is sharp, clear, an extraordinary speaker.  Show and tell is how we learn best and her presentation skills coupled with her speaking abilities make B.A.N.K. easy to understand and use. I know that I act quickly, but the way Cheri framed ‘action’ was insightful for me.   At this moment, I’m writing a new book and haven’t a sales force, but her work changes the way people sell and that’s grand ~ BANK on it. Cheri is changing the world of sales.  – Julie Rose, “Do Nothing Guru”

The most valuable was the presentation by Cheri. It was fun to experience the dominating traits of different types of people and how better to approach them. I am learning to trust in my intuitive perceptions as I meet new people and am with those in my life. I find that there is value for me in everything that takes place. Thank you for inviting Cheri to speak.  – John Rose, Architect

“What value do “you” associate with meeting 10 to 15 new business contacts by attending just 1 networking event?”1239579_10151833345705535_1184401402_n copy

That’s it folks.

Mahalo for taking the time to read my event recap.

A hui hou,
Gina Salvador
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