Network808 4th Year Anniversary

2013-09-03 17.48.18 copyAloha mai kakou! Today #Network808 celebrates it’s 4 Year Anniversary! From just 40 business friends at lunch to an online global community with over 12,000 connections. I want to personally extend my “warmest #aloha as I continue my commitment to growth & development of this culture-driven global community which has reached over 12,000 business connections within 4 years. 2013-09-03 18.19.39 copy

Mahalo, Network808 Ohana for allowing me to share my experiences, inspiration, newsworthy articles, and sending invites to join me at networking events and our online global community…with “Purpose and Passion” to Network and Build Effective Business #Relationships.


2013 is focused on a “Year of #Engagement” through social media outlets, business development education and technology. 2013-09-03 18.25.23 copyTo accomplish this, I encourage you to get involved; “Follow” us on our #socialmedia platforms;“Contribute” by starting discussions to support each other’s business growth; and “Share” this group with your LinkedIn connections.

2013-09-03 17.59.03 copy
I hope you stay the course and see what’s new and happening that I have in store for you.  If we start by sharing with those wishing to build #connections and a network with us, this kind gesture will blossom into a bountiful good harvest.

Stay engaged. I hope you will continue to work with me and together 2014 will be an #amazing year!



“The Two Most Powerful #Warriors are Patience and Time.” …so remember: Great Achievements take Time, there is no overnight #Success. ~ Leo Tolstoy

2013-09-03 18.24.56 copy


2013-09-03 19.25.45 copy

Aloha mai kakou. Extending a warm mahalo to everyone that attended our 4 Year Birthday Bash! Special Mahalo goes out to Jeri Jeffryes,who caught the vision 4 years ago and has come out to help whenever she can.

My A-Team, Michael DukeBanmala Hayes and Karen Chang Barr for their support. Great partners like Jill Gilboy at Hard Rock Honolulu. I know that success is not done alone. It takes people.  Share the Aloha, help each other and raise each person up.Smile and do it always with Aloha #shaka sign. 2013-09-03 18.27.00 copy

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