Networking Events

Leadership Everyday: Mastering Your Networking with Network808

The Mission is to make a difference in the lives and businesses of other people. Network808 offers a community environment for engaging, teaching, sharing and supporting business efforts towards succeeding in the new and ever-changing economy. “Leadership Everyday: Mastering Your… (READ MORE)

Network808: The Vision

Network808’s vision is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive by the use of Face-to-Face Networking, Innovative Technologies, Educational Presentations, Skill Building and more. Poken® connects with people and collects digital object.  As a digital business card and networking tool,… (READ MORE)

Network808 – Poken FAQ

Aloha mai Network808ers, This will be the place that you can ask questions about your Poken.  Many of you have just received Poken from Network808 and set up your profile.   Have any questions? Check out Poken FAQ: I would… (READ MORE)

E Komo mai and Hauoli 2012 (Welcome and Happy 2012)

Aloha mai.  I continue my commitment to the growth of this culture-driven community. I would like to extend my personal “Best Wishes” to all business friends in Network808 and will share my experiences, forward inspiring & newsworthy articles and send… (READ MORE)

Reflections on 2011

Aloha.  This year has been incredible and amazing for Network808! Network808 Objective: 2011 to be a year of increased “Growth and Development” My Assessment:  We have 912 total members and doubled our base with 485 new members in one year…. (READ MORE)

Our Network808 Spokesperson Videos “Greets You as you Enter” to Present your Business

Aloha from Hawaii! I’d like to present to you our first Spokesperson for Network808. Please listen and give me a “like” or a thumbs up! Cindy is hapa, which means in the Hawaiian, “half/half. She is half Korean and half… (READ MORE)

Network808 – Effective Business Relationships

“Network808” The reasons that I established this group of business colleagues and friends is to share my knowledge on how to build long-lasting professional relationships, invite you to business networking events to learn and apply relationship building skills which is an… (READ MORE)

Network808 Event – “Simply Mavro-lous”

“Network808 Event – “Simply Mavro-lous”” George Mavrothalassitis is chef/proprietor of Honolulu’s top-rated Chef Mavro restaurant and holds the prestigious James Beard award, considered the “Oscars” of the culinary world. He is a founding member of awaii Regional Cuisine. Chef Mavro restaurant… (READ MORE)