Introducing “Building Your Web Presence” Session 2, a Network808 Lunch and Learn RECAP



Aloha mai kakou.

Your time is valuable. We want to provide you with value in turn for sharing your time with us to learn how to strengthen your business efforts and produce results. If this information is of value to you, please provide me with some feedback or pass it along to your business friends who you feel would benefit from this series.

David Oshiro of Oceanic Time Warner Cable Media has been developing Internet applications since 1995. He is currently the Senior Digital Developer at Time Warner Cable Media where he develops web sites and RESTful services for the Sales team and OCSports.

On August 28th at Resource Suites, David Oshiro presented “Building Your Web Presence – Part 2 – How to Build a Website.”   The session covered the following items:

David reviewed your evaluation and continued the dialogue on building or rebuilding your website from a marketing & sales perspective.

What do you need to get started: What is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Should you use a framework for my website? How to choose the right technology for your website? How to connect to my social media?

Click here to view the video for Part 2. Network808 taped the session using Google Hangouts. At the end of the tape, check our guest registry and find out what our audience learned from this session.

Mahalo and stay connected.
Gina Salvador
Founder, Network808
Hawaii Social Media Influencer 2013


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