Testimonials of Network808

We ask our participants “What did you think of the Network808 event?  What did you find to be the most valuable for you and Why?”

To mingle with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, in an effort to increase MediSpa Hawaii’s exposure.   Attending the Network808 events are valuable in many ways, most notably the ability to interact with a wide variety of individuals who are locally based and who are able to provide support and advice.  In particular, I really enjoyed when we gathered in small groups to share more about our business and discover ways we can support one another, whether it be through providing leads or advice. – Sophia Gallegos, MediSpa Hawaii & Sleep Center Hawaii

Networking is an important part of building my business. This is a diverse group with different people showing up each time. What did you find to be the most valuable for you and why?    The feedback from Gina after everyone’s 30-second commercial was very helpful. – Tomoka Kajihiro, Inkinen & Associates

I joined because I am always want to attend Network808 Hawaii event. I connected many members through LinkedIn but I like to meet in person and get to know more better about every members.  I learned about the event From Network808 Hawaii information at LinkedIn. – Keiko Mori, Kittie Travel

I wanted to find out about other business services for myself and for my clients. I wanted to let others know that my services exist and perhaps to run across someone who needs my services. I wanted to meet cool people as a form of social. I met some cool people. I found some potential candidates to help my business. You have a great thing going on.  Keep up the great work – Hang Boge, Health & Wellness Coach

Thank you so much for having me at the recent Network 808 Event.  I attended the event to meet more contacts that I can exchange business with but I got more than that.  I think the most valuable part for me is how the organization educates everyone on how to network with one another better.  Meeting people is good but learning how to articulate better about what you do is an excellent way of developing and growing your business.  I can’t wait to attend the next Network808 event. – Cherryl Lyn Cunanan, HelmsBriscoe

To build and establish new business contacts and to learn about other owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. The most valuable thing from the event is To learn about other networkers and what motivates them to do what they do. I learned about the event on the internet while I was doing a search for Hawaii Networking Events – Brandon Bell, HI Insurance & Financial Services, INC

Thank you for hosting another worthwhile event! I attended the event so that I could meet new people and reconnect with people I know. The most valuable part is practicing the pitch, I have several pitches and so it’s good to be able to practice them and get feedback. Thanks and see you next time! – Angelina Campos, Business Coach

I attend in order to meet, and create relationships with like-minded individuals that may end up being future referral partners. Besides the growth of my own business, my goal is to help put others in touch with resources that may benefit their business. I enjoy the time we get to chat more one on one with people at the tables during lunch. I feel that is where the best relationships start happening. Thanks for another great meeting! – Bryan Jordan CLC, CMC, Certified Life Coach

I just know I need to spend more time networking so Im trying to attend all networking events that are affordable. I think when you guys do the [“People You Should Meet” activity] match making is very valuable. – Traven Watase, Scholar Sponsor

Just got back to the islands. Need to build up my network. I always feel like I come away with useful knowledge that you can’t necessarily find out about an industry – easily, anyway. I liked the idea of having 2 people matched with me to talk with. – Stanton Saiki, ProService Hawaii

I wanted to meet new people and try something different. It has been on my list to do and this was the month I was able to! I believe the people of the event were great. Even though you have open networking, you have a couple of people you must meet. – JeanneMarie Viggiano, Photographer

Mahalo for hosting such a great event! I attended the event to connect with business professionals looking for a great place to workout. The most valuable part of this event for me was the sharing time at the reserved tables. It was great to learn a little more about the businesses of the people sharing in a more intimate way. I first learned of 808 though Eventbrite. Thanks again for all you do to make this happen for us! – Samantha Parrish, Honolulu Club

Getting to meet new people, and the 60 second talk/share of introduction that helps me break out of my comfort zone alot;) i have gotten a referral from the first event that I attened and that was at the Willows restaurant. Yes, I would recommend these events. I love it the energy and people are so friendly! Thank you guys so much you guys are so amazing and I love attending your events! Aloha until next time – Caryssa Krzyska, Purium Hawaii

I attended because I enjoy networking, I want to increase my visibility, meet new people and see the people I know. I find the “matching up” of people to be valuable, it opens up the conversation. I’ve been on your “list” since you first started N808 so I get your emails.  – Angelina Campos, Business Coach

My first experience participating at the event at Buca de Beppo Restaurant, was fun and enjoyed meeting the people.   I appreciated the entire format of the event.  Everyone was warm and friendly and the coordination of the ice breakers was enjoyable. From walking in and being greeted by Diana of Go Ramble & starting off with the icebreaker game is a good way to start.  Having lunch with the participants was a good way to learn a little more about each other, building relationships and how we can either refer or assist the services.  I enjoy meeting the people as well as learning about the company they represent.  – Megumi Iwashita, ALTRES Staffing

I had a great time at the function. I attended the event to meet new people in the business community and start building a business relationship with them. I like hearing there story about what they do and how passionate they are about there business. The Shaka Game was great. You can ask more questions from that person or find out more about there business. – Kimo Olds, Ha’aheo Services

Since I was new to the group it was very helpful to have 2 people to find and get to know upon arriving. Finding the suggested connections prompted me to mingle and meet others naturally rather than staying in one area of the room. Great ice breaker. – Rachel Whitehouse, Antsy Ant Web Design

The meeting went a lot better than I expected! It was exactly as you described it, we got almost a dozen leads. – Alex Rafalovich, Heluna

The sponsor table, as it gave us an opportunity to hand out our information in a more complete way than just a business card. It gave us an opportunity to speak with those who showed an interest, and collect some emails that we can add to our mailing list.  It gave us a special presence there. – Alice Inoue, Happiness U

Had an awesome time getting to meet new, amazing people today! Big mahalo Gina for creating such a fun, exciting, yet safe event like this for new-comers like Kuhio Puaoi Jr. and I, to develop our skills and expose ourselves and our business to so many others! Epic day and I look forward to participating in many more Network808 events! – Kyrie Puaoi, Purium Health Product

I’m glad you introduced yourself and told me what to expect since it was my very first networking event. I definitely had a lot of fun. I look forward to the next networking event. – Sharmaine Magsipoc, Rodan + Fields Dermatologist

Network808 does it again in bringing these wonderful businesses to light, which embodies the true meaning of networking and sharing the mana’o of Hawaii. – Aaron Kekoolani, Senior Energy Advisor, SolarCity

Super fun and beneficial, you guys put on a good show! – Matt Johnson, Oahu Fresh

The Networking and being proactively introduced to individuals who may be good contacts for our business is always the most valuable. Also, the presentations were all excellent. I have made some wonderful contacts through Network808 and foresee some positive business from them. – Carol Fetzer, Forte Speakers

Thank you for putting the event (and so many others) together!  I enjoyed it and the most valuable thing for me was meeting so many people who are doing what they need to do to make their businesses successful…I was truly inspired!  So all around, it was a very positive experience.  – Sandy Kobayashi, Time Warner Cable

I had a wonderful time at the Network808 event at Willows last week. The activities and opportunities for making connections were some of the best I’ve experienced.   The most valuable element of the Network808 experience was the 1-minute intro of each attendee.  It was a great way to identify the best possible connections. Also, I loved that everyone explained his or her ideal client. With that clarity, it was easy to think of ways to enhance the connections of fellow Network808ers.  I found potential clients as well as connections for services I’m interested in. Thank you again, Gina! I look forward to attending the next event! – Christy Sievert, Abbott Communications

Aloha Gina and thank you for another great event where I have been able to meet with creative, thought forward and supportive people. I like the way it is set up for now – you give people the space to express their message – it really works! I have established good contacts and still building the relationships. It feels as there is more and more cohesion in the type of people you are attracting and I love it! – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Coach

Dan and I so enjoyed the lunch meeting yesterday! You do a wonderful job, and it’s so nice to see someone manage a networking organization that really is committed to everyone making valuable connections. Thanks, again, for a really valuable networking meeting. – Carol Fetzer, Forte Speakers Hawaii

It was a pleasure meeting you today!  Thank you for having us and we are looking forward to future events.  – Jenny Pham, Savio Realty

The most valuable opportunity was being a table sponsor!  The thing most interesting and would like to see more of are the “Shaka” game cards that provides a solution or a referral for the kind if business!  – Alana Miranda, Aqua Waikiki Wave

I loved the family like dinner solution that was so fun and enjoyable!  The most valuable for me was the speech of Justin Myers – it provided so many good solutions that I will take advantage of – loved the speech!  I love the venues, the organization, the people, both organizers and participants, I love the formula, the sharing of everybody’s business crafts.  Everything is truly a first class experience for me every single time!  Big fan! – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher and Coach

I was taken by surprise by so many things at the last event. Mostly because I didn’t know what to expect! So organized, such diversity in the  connections, great activities to get us involved. I am very much looking forward to the next event. – Michele Houser, Sephora Waikiki

The 2 opportunities that we had to introduce ourselves, we got more of a chance to learn more about the others. – Ben Pascua, KWHE TV-14

Thank you for your awesome work and organizing such a great networking event.  I enjoyed how the event allowed people to deliver their message and how it fostered engagement.  I was surprised by how many people I met and how many connections and referrals came about!  – Gene Bennett, New York Life Insurance Company

I really enjoyed the Shaka game because I made some real contacts that I know will help my business. I’ve had some referrals from the group. – Fran Patoskie, Beachbody 10-Star Diamond  Elite Coach

What I found the most valuable is the vast opportunity to meet with so many people from all walks of life and interest. Their business and personal expressions is always an inspiration, and helps me to understand my community better.

Thanks again for a great event! I really had a great time meeting everyone and talking story.– John Sanders, ICON Employers Service

First of all THANK YOU for putting these events for us.  As always, they are the perfect and warm frame for us to know each other, to see all the efforts that people are putting out there in the world.  I have learned so much ever since I began coming and I feel that I always rejoice the time more and more, because of the oneness of interest and the solidarity.

What I found most valuable is that there are other people out there with products and services and inventions and creativity who are soaring and so much deserve the success they are aiming for!   I feel I belong to that community and that makes me feel really good.  The Network808 platform is very unique and I love it!  So again, I can only thank you Gina for creating and promoting that space in the way that is most excellent!  Congratulations on your insatiable creativity and thanks to your team as well!
 – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Hi Gina, great event last Wednesday!
- Paul Collins, Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp

I really liked the personalized pairings that were given upon arrival. I think that this really helps to ensure that you meet at least two new connections.  I heard from Karen Chang Barr that this is a great group to join!
- Cassie Townsend, Staffing Solutions of Hawaii

“Great event Gina!  That’s what I call a “Networking” event!  The main thing I value most is the way you and your team organized the event.  I also liked that you paired or recommended people that shared a common interest or could possible to business together.  It’s more business networking oriented.  Mahalo nui for putting together a well-run event.
- Kaulana Chang, The Honolulu Club

I’ve been really impressed with the Network 808 meetings & have found them to be extremely well organized, useful and fun! So mahalo for that!!
– Charlie Teixeira, North Shore Embroidery

I found it to be fun and rewarding. I was able to reconnect with past associates and just as important I met new business associates and was able to refer business to them as well as getting business referral from them.  – Aaron Kekoolani, Field Energy Consultant, Solar City

I enjoyed the mixer, the food was great and I met a lot of people.   I find it a great way to meet new people at the same time build on relationships with people that I’ve met at the previous meetings. – Marilyn C. Jacobe, Agent State Farm

First off, I had a great time at the mixer, one of the best yet.  I thought the [people you should meet] cards with possible matches were the most valuable.  It was important because other people would look forward to talking to you because it was in their interests.  It was an igniter for a conversation. – Austin Johnson

I liked the format for the Bonsai networking event.  It was very informal, but the group was big enough to circulate ant meet new people.  I really like that the events don’t cost too much.  Thanks for hosting these events!  Enjoying it! – David Murphey, Photographer

I find value in meeting new people from Network808. – John Strandberg, Audience Development Director, Pacific Business News

What I most value at the event is meeting several people whose business products/services I could use. – Malati Marlene Shinazy, M.Ed., Pacific Leadership Consultants

The opportunity to introduce myself to the group was most valuable since I need to get the word out about who I am and what I do. – Brandon Hughes, My Destination Hawaii

I don’t know all the in’s and outs of Google Ad Words.  I enjoyed the explanation of why this was important to have someone who knows what they are doing to prepare this. If you do it wrong, it could actually cost you more money than you think.  While it is important to drive traffic to websites, it’s not as clear-cut as a novice may think it is. What business doesn’t want to receive more customers?! Tools like Google and social media sites are bringing in new and fresh customers everyday and they are ready to spend. This presentation was great in explaining the benefits of having someone manage the Ad Words to capture that audience in a more refined way, rather than filling your website with keywords that may not amount to anything at all.  – Mala Hayes, HVCB

What did you find to be the most valuable for you and why?  Keeping up with the pulse of Google and how they formulate quality score, etc.  Daniel Hildebrandt’s presentation …content was impressive.  – Sara Poland, KHON2 News

Thank you for this presentation Network808!  Great and very professional.   I learned crucial information from Daniel’s presentation mostly that there are experts here and using them is really the best and most productive option!  I thought that Daniel gave us a grand tour and explained very well what Google Ad Words is all about along with the detailed possibilities that this path is providing.  – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher/Coach

I find value at all Network808 events because it provides opportunity for me to meet new people.  Living on the Kauai, I don’t have too many chances to attend these events, so many times it like my first event, but I try to mingle the best I can and in the end, it was always worth the trip.

Gregg’s message during his speech talks about the value of Hawaiian culture for long-term stability in Hawaii’s visitor industry.  I too believe that if Hawaii is going to continue to have a visitor industry we have to integrate the Hawaiian culture and values at every point of the visitor experience.  I felt that Gregg’s speech moved in that direction which was positive because my company is also moving in that direction. – John Kaohelaulii, HawaiianCheckers.com

Fantastic networking event at a great location.  Gina, you have a special gift that has been bestowed upon you and wanted to thank you for sharing your Mana’o with all of us and inviting us to this beautiful “under the stars Event”.  Gregg’s speech was truly a blessing to hear our thoughts and beliefs of Hawaii’s great people put into words.   Mahalo Nui for his words of wisdom.   – Stephen Hopkins, Pono A’ina Tours and Catering

It was a brilliant combination of artistry, creativity mixed with a great setting for social flow and rapport.  It was a jewel case in which everybody would feel comfortable, have fun, relish and enjoy the magnificent and quality entertainment.  Greg’s presentation was not only endearing because of his personality, vast experience and truthfulness about the aloha spirit, it was also informational and for me most spiritual, which is the core of Hawaiian culture, and why I am here… It reinforced me into the “credo” I always had to be an example, a pioneer, model of – open heart society – where people can inspire the world with truthful heart vibration: Hawaii! –  Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher and Coach

You always do a wonderful job.   The venue was excellent.  It provided easy access, free parking, delicious food, excellent service, and plentiful networking.   I enjoyed the intimacy of our table; we had great sharing and good leads/referrals passed around.  I picked up two good sources to promote Patrice’s Art Work and then I gave three leads/referrals to two attendees.  – Keanu Bruner, Art of Aloha

The most value was Gregg’s talk on “Makawalu” [which] I incorporated this concept already into my practice. – Valerie Koenig, Business Plans Hawaii

Great event as always! What I found to be the most valuable at this meeting was the [people you should meet] cards.  It was an immediate icebreaker and I loved it. The second thing I found to be the most valuable was to go around the room and talk about their business. That gave me an idea to see whom I really needed to talk to. – Kristen Robinson, Owner, KR Design

I found the format to work nicely in that each activity built upon the previous.  Walking around in the beginning looking for someone selected for me to find made it easier to start conversation- then doing our introduction to the group – then small group/table conversations let us expand…I also found that after that I was very comfortable going up to people that I thought I could help or vice versa and we had a connection we had not had before.  I get your emails and decided to finally go to one….glad I did.  Great job!
– Jill Wheatman, Insurance Factors

I truly find that the events are perfectly balance with the different activities inside the lunchtime.  I have found businesses that I might be able to use for one and I might have found a potential client interested in working with me. I have majorly developed friendships and a great support system. – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher & Coach

I found that knowing the BANK code of the participants and the Shaka game was extremely valuable. It gave me the opportunity to know how to communicate with the people at my table at a more intimate level. I want to network, meet people, and build relationships.  – Kristen Robinson, KR Design

Networking is all about developing relationships and I think your warm welcome, dance card and intimate but casual setting made it very conducive to it, which I found valuable.   – Matthew Arine, CPCU, Atlas Insurance Agency

So glad I came because I learned so much!  – Evelyn Dean, Melaleuca

Show and tell is how we learn best and her presentation skills coupled with her speaking abilities make B.A.N.K. easy to understand and use. I know that I act quickly, but the way Cheri framed ‘action’ was insightful for me.   At this moment, I’m writing a new book and haven’t a sales force, but her work changes the way people sell and that’s grand ~ BANK on it. Cheri is changing the world of sales.  – Julie Rose, “Do Nothing Guru”

The most valuable was the presentation by Cheri. It was fun to experience the dominating traits of different types of people and how better to approach them. I am learning to trust in my intuitive perceptions as I meet new people and am with those in my life. I find that there is value for me in everything that takes place. Thank you for inviting Cheri to speak.  – John Rose, Architect

I had a great time and rewarding experience.  Thanks for all your help. – Jed Roa, JED ROA Events

What I most value at the event is the possibility to meet open-minded and interesting people with great potential to interact in our businesses. Plus the wonderful environment needless to say!  I loved the game with exchanging tips – very valuable.   In the future I know I will always be amazed by your creativity! – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual teacher/Coach

Thank you very much for all your great work putting these events together.  I know that everyone really appreciates your extra effort to create the events in the best possible way to maximize the experience and the value to each individual.  I must also say that I greatly appreciated all aspects of your event.  Everything was very well done.

The most valuable experience for me was the small group interaction with everyone at the table focused on helping each other with relevant and concrete feedback and suggestions.  The structure and the format were very effective. – Rich Bailey, Hawaii International Management LLC

I found that knowing the BANK code of the participants and the Shaka game was extremely valuable.  It gave me the opportunity to know how to communicate with the people at my table at a more intimate level.  I really love the networking exercises of finding different people to meet and the Shaka game. I want to network, meet people, and build relationships.  – Kristen Robinson, KR Design

I have only attended 2 of your venues for networking.  I absolutely love it!!  I like your idea of pairing up a couple people to seek out and network with.  I was able to have a good group of people on my table so that made it very worthwhile.  I appreciate you hard work in putting these events together. – Kaimana Kaapana, New York Life

The “Shaka Game Card” – It’s to the point in why we all come together.  I heard about Network808 through a search for social media networks to be involved with. – John Scalera, Spherion Professional Services

Network is the ultimate way to engage in community activity. It serves the natural needs of people so well and give us a chance to present our domains of expertise in a real and inviting manner. Nurtured, entertained and educated! Attractive, playful, fun and fulfilling! I love the spirit in which you guys conduct the events, and thinks of all the details to make them flow impeccably! You are the masters! – Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher and Coach

The table exercises in being able to help pinpoint exactly who the targeted customer is and how we might be able to help with referrals, etc.   – Josh Geller, UHA

I think the “Shaka Game” was very important because it not only served as an icebreaker, but also I made some serious connections with the people that you hand selected for me. I really enjoyed the introductions during lunch to actually know who everyone was and which business they represented.  Mahalo! – Mala Hayes, HVCB

The Network808 event took Business Networking to a new level.  This event was power packed to ensure lead exchange, knowledge transfer, and that building stronger relationships were achieved.  The innovative activities “People You Should Meet” and the “Shaka Game” were instrumental in achieving the results that our company achieved.   – Lynne Matallana, PacRim Info Systems

Mahalo Nui Gina!  Loved Ray’s talk.   Interesting perspective on ‘healing’ bodies’ enemies.   Posted him in Facebook.  Great event! Great job!!  Congrats!  So proud of you! – Lei Ahu Isa, Hilton Grand Vacation Club

Ray’s presentation was the most valuable.  Reason being is that I have transformed my belief system to internalize the truths that Ray is sharing over the last 20 years.  So, has been my way of evolving and living life for a long time now.  – Sherri Kamaka, ICON Employer Services of Hawaii

Aloha Gina!  Thank you very much again for putting on such a great mixer.  I enjoyed it and Ray is quite the motivational speaker.  Thank you very much for the invite to your next mixer.  – Chantelle Williams, J’Adore Floral Designs

Aloha Gina, What an enjoyable motivating networking luncheon!  Please keep me on your email invite list.  I would love to learn more and attend again when possible. Thank you! – Sharon Yarborough, TalkFusion

Gina, Thank YOU!! I found great value in the speaker provided. I am thankful you referred the people on my list.  I look forward to the next event in June!! See you then!  – Kaimana W. Ka`apana, CLTC, LUTCF, New York Life

Aloha Gina:  Thank you for putting on such a great event.  I enjoyed the Ray’s presentation the most.  I find I need to develop my networking skills and it is difficult for me to introduce myself, so any skill building in that area is helpful. – Kathleen Chin, Event Planner

I found the activity valuable.  It serves as a good icebreaker and I really was able to connect with people that matched my interests or that may have future business relations with HVCB.  The presentations are really very stimulating.  Overall, I thought it was broken down very nicely. – Mala Hayes, HVCB

Gina & Mike, I just wanted to write a short message thanking you for the wonderful event last night.  I truly enjoyed speaking with everyone and regret that I wasn’t able to stay until the end.  I hope that we’ll have other opportunities to attend events in the future. – Geoff Wooden, LearningBiz

Gina, Thank you for a great event.  My guest was managing partner, Jason Koo.
- Scott Aldinger, New York Life Insurance

Gina, Again, thank you for inviting me to the event last night.  I truly enjoyed it.
- Steven Nakao, Aloha WealthCare

Gina – It was nice meeting you last night!  It was my first Network808 event that I have ever attended and it was allot of FUN!  I hope to see you again at another event soon!  A Hui Hou – Laurie Rodriguez, LifeMax

Well done, Gina: another fruitful event at a very special location. Mahalo nui for all of your extra efforts!
- Tina Buckman, Strategy Global Business Development

Tonight’s event with Network 808 was absolutely amazing! Chefs Anthony and Brray’s food preparations were outstanding! Bar Manager Dave’s specialty cocktails were exceptional and the bar staff left nothing to be desired. Love the loungy ambiance and vibe that Sway emits along with your happy hour! A big mahalo to Gina Salvador for putting together such a great event at a fabulous new venue and General Manager Earl Nakachi for his gracious hospitality. I will definitely be back!! For those who have not had the opportunity to experience Sway it is a definite must!  – Sandi Olmos Williams, Video Postcards

This was a fun event to go to and met a great group of people. I look forward to other events! Mahalo to Gina & Mala, as well as Earl, for their efforts at putting on a great event. Oh, thank you to the manager at The Sway, too, for the onolicious food! – Karen Chang Barr, Naupaka Professional Services LLC

Great stuff. Network 808 never fails when it comes to connecting us while providing relevant education. – Chuvala Thomas, HIFE College Planning Program

Gina, Thank you again for the wonderful event.  I really enjoy your events and the people you attract.
- Bryon Gibbons, Stone Brook Direct

Thank you for your invite to last night’s Networking Mixer.  It was certainly a pleasure to have met you and have a chance to learn more about Network808.  Your sincere effort to help small businesses in Hawaii has truly touched my heart.
- Steven Nakao, Aloha WealthCare

Thank you Gina Salvador for organizing another awesome night of networking!  You rock the 808 State!
- Mike Kockler, MyChangeNow

What an amazing networking event that was last night!  What a fantastic place.  I love it!!   Drinks, blue cheese dip, hula dancing contest, so many interesting people!!!  And it was a great looking venue, it had wonderful ambiance with its clean, contemporary lines in those rich earthy colors.  There were birdcage swing chairs and white couches outside the sexy dark couches inside.   Gina Salvador you did a fantastic job.  I met so many interesting and instrumental people in Hawaii.
- Mala Hayes, HVCB

Thank you, Gina.  I enjoyed your networking event at the Bonsai restaurant.  What was most valuable to me was the opportunity to meet some business people I didn’t already know, pass out a few of the business cards for my new venture, and also secure one possible business lead from one person I met at the event.
- Christie Adams, TransWorld Systems

Hi Gina.  Thanks so much for the warm welcome!  That was a lot of fun.
- Fran Patoskie, BeachBody Coach

Aloha Gina, you will be pleased to hear that I have been talking about your event since I attended on Thursday!
- Fiona Stephenson, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Gina, It was a fun event and I really enjoyed connecting with the other attendees.   What I found the most valuable were “People You Should Meet”. That really encouraged people to break the ice and talk to others. I think the best part is that it was a fun activity because if people knew who was on your list, they pointed them out or introduced you.
- Kristin Robinson, KR Design

It was an amazing event!  The referral sheets were perfect for those who had to meet one another and that was just brilliant.  Kudos goes to Gina for creating a fresh way to facilitate results.  Also, if anyone requires an endorsement to those looking at attending a Network808 event have them contact me at Vincentmolina@yahoo.com.  Mahalo for your professionalism and participation. – Vincent Molina, Vincent Molina & Associates Inc.

Thank you Jason [Seaborn] for your presentation yesterday.  And thanks Gina for organizing another great networking event. – Mike Kockler, MyChangeNow.com

Gina, your team does such a wonderful job organizing all of Network808 activities.  It makes the whole event worth every penny.  I love the way you manage the networking experience using “People you should meet” as a way to break the ice in a way that it is not intruding and the way you try to group everyone on the tables so that they have something in common.  Network808 events are the only events that I have gone to that manage the networking experience this way and it works. – John Kaohelaulii, HawaiianCheckers.com

I did enjoy the experience and I plan to be there on April 24.  I enjoyed meeting new people that I never met before at networking gatherings…Thanks for creating this networking group.  It’s nice to see your organizational skills at work to serve others.  Keep up the good work! – Miles Furuta, Melaleuca

Thank you for welcoming me at the Network 808 luncheon.   I enjoyed the luncheon and the opportunity to talk to new people.  I need to learn more about Facebook, so the speaker  [Jason Seaborn] was very interesting to me.   I took notes and learned new terminology.  I found it very useful. – Annette Kaohelaulii, Annette’s Adventures:

Thank you for the welcome and the warmth. I had a great time meeting everyone and I appreciated the interest in my business.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing about their businesses. It will be very valuable to me in the future when/if I need someone in that field. – Paige Altonn, Silpada

Thanks Jason [Seaborn], that was great and I sure learned a lot on how to use Social Media. – Sunday June Marie Kenison, VISI Hawaiian Style

[On Network808’s Referral Game]  Being given people’s names to speak to – this made networking more efficient. – Fiona Stephenson, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Some of the things I learned from the presentation were valuable. Some of the people I connected with may turn out to be the most valuable.  It was all good. – Rich Smith, IsAgenix

Mike Kockler, MyChangeNow: Thanks for organizing the event Gina. Great job!

Aloha! Thank you for setting up such a great event last night. Kristen was a great presenter and I learned new ways to work my Linkedin account. – Roseann Broston, Archipelago Hawaii

Great event, Kristen Robinson shared some great tips for using Linkedin for your business. – William Braddock, Goals Coach

Thank you for a great night of networking, food, friends and learning. Thank you for providing these Social/Business Networking seminars that have given me some great insights on how to effectively use these mediums.  …[and] for the wonderful gift we all received, the “Year of the Snake Charm” was really cool. Keep up the good work.  Till next time a hui hou. – Aaron Kekoolani, Aloha Data

Thanks Gina. It exceeded my expectations. – Rich Smith, Servall