Recommendations of Gina Salvador

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Recommendations For Gina
Founder of Network808

“Gina’s sincere passion to connect and build professional relationships through networking in social media shows how successful she has become in the short time her organization has been in existence. Her format of Education, communication, implementation of mastering networking skills through fun, engaging activities sets Network 808 apart from the rest of the field. I highly recommend Gina Salvador as your “go to” networker for ALL social media events!”
Luana Alapa, Event Planner; Motivational speaker, Party planning, Sales, Luana Events Hawaii  – June 16, 2013


“Gina immediately “owned this event” for lack of a better definition. She totally recognized it as my vision and supported it as though it was HER OWN! It was totally awesome to see someone dive in with her creative talent, intelligence, experience… but most of all her RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. She brings friendship, belonging and camaraderie to the table with a group of associates that collaborate to literally “Make Your Dreams Come True”. I kid you not. Gina Salvador is a force (with love, intuitiveness, care and concern) on the planet earth. IF you are blessed enough to share her space… ask your question and expect to take notes on real actions. I could go on but I’ll stop here. Call me for more details R. Eric Butler, founder of 808-284-3577 PEACE2U”
Eric Butler, Founder, – February 4, 2013


“Gina took social networking to the next step and created the most important professional online network in Hawaii. With online and offline events Network808 offers more than usual business networks. The professionally organized events gap the bridge of the online world and give all the members the chance to meet in person as well. Gina’s constant drive to embrace new technologies gives N808 the cutting edge and goes beyond simple business card exchanges and small talk. Since I joined Network808 i met more business people in Hawaii than in all the years before, all thanks to Gina’s dedication to form a group that encompasses all Hawaiian Islands and professions.” Stefan Voss, Senior Project Manager, BIT – Swiss Federal Office for IT and Telecommunication – June 17, 2012


“I was introduced to Network808 six months ago by the founder and CEO Gina Salvador. Gina’s passion for connecting business owners in Hawaii is inspiring and motivational to a lot of people. Not only is Gina an inspiration to all professional women out there she truly cares about helping other individuals thrive in their business. Network808 is unique because it combines networking with new technology, skill building classes, educational presentations and more. The group really provides all the tools any business owner could ask for to succeed at a networking event.”  Aleksandar Jakovljevic, MBA, Senior Vice President, Manager, Wealth Strategy Partners, LLC – June 13, 2012


“Gina is an excellent example of how to build effective business relationships through networking. Possessing a genuine interest to help connect people and businesses, Gina has created a group where people can cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit and skills. Always looking for the cooperative solution, she truly has everyone’s best interest in mind. She brings unmatched enthusiasm and humility to the table and does so with Aloha.”
Brandon Young, Licensed Representative, United Health Care – January 24, 2012


“I find Gina to be a very organized and dedicated person who knows how to accomplish the challenges that face her. She has the advantage growing up in Hawaii knowing the practices of host culture as well as the many ethnic groups that make Hawaii their home. Her deep knowledge of the visitor industry and her many connections make her a valuable resource here in the islands. I know her most from her work with starting and maintaining the Linkedin group called “Network808”. Not living on Oahu is a big disadvantage for me, but I have found that the investment of time and energy that I put into this group has paid off time and time again. It’s not easy organizing and maintaining any group let alone a networking group, yet Gina has continued to take Network 808 to the next level with strong, positive leadership and the ability to keep the group moving forward and engaged. She adds new content with lot of information to the group that helps small businesses improve and find new ways to be successful I look forward to being an active member of Network 808 and can’t wait to my next visit to an event organized by Gina”  John Kaohelaulii, Owner, Kamaohelani Inc dba Hawaiian – January 7, 2012


“Gina’s energy is infectious and her devotion to the development of Network 808 has borne the fruits of her labor. Her enthusiasm for her mission and focus on the successful outcome of her goals speak volumes about her ability. It’s always a pleasure working with her because she brings out the best in people and the energy she brings to personal interactions always leave me with a sense of inspiration.”  Ray Shiraishi, Business Coach, WhiteRock Hawaii – December 20, 2011


“Gina, is excellent at building networks and relationships. She organizes people from different business backgrounds and forms a collaborative group. These relationships that are formed are beneficial for all involved. I have formed many business relationships and have benefited on a business level. On the personal level I enjoy meeting the people that Gina has in her network. They are positive, energetic people who want to help others –This is very much a reflection of Gina herself.  Roseann Bronston, Vice President, Archipelago Hawaii, refined island designs – December 20, 2011


“I had the utmost pleasure of working with Gina at Network808. Gina is a highly professional, driven, proactive and ambitious individual that strives towards superior customer service consistently. To Gina nothing is impossible so she does not let setbacks get in her way. Her passion for whatever she is doing is infectious and thus attracts like-minded people. I am happy to be part of Gina’s network and to share in one of her ventures. We at June Spring Multimedia is happy to partner with Gina and Network808 in bringing world-class products and services from Hawaii to the rest of the world. Aloha kaua!”   Jay Arenas, President and CEO, June Spring Multimedia Corporation – August 8, 2011


“Gina Salvador strikes me as a consummate business professional, the passionate go-getter type when I first met her on the phone. Subsequent live meetings and business partnership confirm my intuition. In addition to Gina’s contagious passion, business professionalism and acumen, she has a big heart, the true aloha spirit to make a positive difference not only in her own family, but others as well. Gina is the type who will put a smile on everyone’s face. unselfishly and genuinely. It’s truly an honor to be Gina’s friend and business partner. It’s been fun and a real blast knowing and working with her. Make each day count… Sincerely, Steve Lee”   Steve Lee, CEO, – July 10, 2011


“Gina, is a sharp, polished & articulate entrepreneur. She is one who understands the value of effective partnerships & mentoring. Gina has had incredible mentors in the past and continues to use this proven principle of the successful. She is a mature businesswoman who is now passing it forward and guiding others along the path of success. Her skills include relationship building, bringing others together, recognizing common ground, event coordination/promotion and team building, to name a few.. It is a pleasure to work with Gina and she really knows how to make it fun along the journey. Anyone who commits to business partnerships with her will surely benefit. 🙂 ~ Steven Kent”   Steven Kent, Entrepreneur, At Home – June 30, 2011


“This recommendation of Gina is both the hardest and easiest of all. Hard in the respect that there are no defining technical achievements that can be cited for greatness. Nevertheless, Gina is the easiest to cite. Her accomplishments far outreach any grand accomplishments on the business level. Her attribute is one of clarity, transparency, humility and humanity. Her construct of people, places and things brings together the fine delicate threads into a lasting fabric. Respectively, Gina forms the basis for goodness and simplicity that allows other to do their best. Unknowingly, she has cultivated this intrinsic power to the betterment of all. Those around her are stimulated to achieve their desires and to provide new ideas and deeper insight. I asked many times, is Gina a leader, by some definition possibly not, however by my definition, Gina most certainly is for she touches people and fills their hearts with inspiration, courage and hope.”   Barry Stevens, Managing Director, North America, Bauhaus Capital Partners –  November 28, 2010


“Gina is a gracious giver. She has a way of bringing people together to connect and support one another that is powerful and unique. Gina, my life is better for knowing you.”
Linda Rose Herman, Advance Planning Counselor, Hawaiian Memorial Park and Borthwick Mortuary – November 8, 2010

Recommendations For Gina
Director, Membership
Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau

“It was a privilege and pleasure to work for such a brilliant woman. Gina is a born leader. Her skill set in managing a team is impeccable. Daily my professional character and expertise were challenged, polished and elevated under Gina’s direction. Gina’s passion to equip her teams for success and her commitment to excellence is evident in all she does. I attribute much of my professional and personal achievements to the knowledge and wisdom imparted from her.”  Janet M Grace, Executive Director, Hawaii Right to Life -December 7, 2011


“I have known Gina for most of the past 20 years. Gina is extremely passionate and goal oriented individual. She exudes professionalism and always goes above and beyond in every task she undertakes. Gina is always on top of every detail of any situation where she is involved. I am sure Gina would be a tremendous asset in any endeavor!”   Gary Dolberg, Sales Manager, Diamond Resorts International – April 19, 2011


“I have known and worked with Gina for many many years, and know her to be one of the most organized, efficient and enjoyable people I have had the opportunity to work with! Great job, Gina! Aloha, Mark”   Mark Jensen, President & Executive Producer, Convention Television – December 28, 2010


“To describe Gina in one word would be impossible! She is more than just a connector – she is a true mentor and inspiration to those around her. Her passion for her work, people and simply life itself is not only evident the second you sit down with her but also contagious! The first time I met her, I had only spent a few hours talking with her – and she was able to tell me my fears, dreams and strengths just like that. She GETS people because she has the heart and compassion to help others, no matter what it takes – and asks for nothing in return. Anyone who is connected to Gina is truly blessed!”   Sarah Han Emina, MBA, Vice President Bank of Hawaii –  October 21, 2010


“Gina is an amazing person, and I’m excited to share this personal endorsement with everyone! I had the opportunity to work with Gina at the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, and she was an incredible mentor and leader. She’s extremely talented at what she does, the most detail-oriented person I know, and is extraordinarily passionate about the hospitality industry and especially about helping others thrive. I have also now come to know Gina on a personal level, and I continue to be impressed at what an amazing friend she is to everyone she meets.”  Alex Kirley, Membership Coordinator, Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau – October 15, 2010


“Gina is one of the most unique and talented individuals I have ever met in my life. We first met when I had my wholesale showroom at the Waikiki Trade center selling precious gems and jewelry 20 years ago. Never in my life have I met anyone who could understand the essence of a business in a few hours, especially one so specialized as ours. She instantly puts people at ease and her infectious smile makes everyone love her and dealing with her such a pleasure.

Not only is she an expert communicator and a real “people person”, but her inner spiritual principles and high integrity make her a special “breed” in the world of “advertising and promotion”. Her compassion and sincerity come through to anyone who ever has the pleasure of knowing her, what to speak of working with her. If Gina Salvador uses her ingenuity and abilities for your interests, you can expect a result beyond your expectations and the experience of knowing a most amazing person who truly “walks her talk”. Without question she is the “rarest of gems”. Top qualities: Personable, Creative   Howard Beckman, Director, Vedic Cultural Fellowship & Balaji Natural Gems” – October 15, 2010


“Gina can be best described in one word…CONNECTOR. I often tell people that Gina possesses the uncanny ability to quickly match people up in order to have each party walk away from a win-win situation. She will do this in a way that goes beyond scratching the surface and will anticipate or flush out aspects of each individual in order to determine the right fit. Sometimes, the parties involved would never have made those connections on their own. In addition to this strength, Gina is one of the most genuine people you could ever meet. She exudes a high level of professionalism and integrity and possesses an unbelievable amount of energy. Her networking groups are a highly effective venue to build one’s business and make meaningful connections.”   Lianne Maeda, Executive Search Consultant, Inkinen & Associates –  July 14, 2010


“Gina is very conscientious and goal oriented.She has an excellent understanding of the critical role that membership plays in a non-profit organization and works tirelessly as an advocate for the members. She is also creative in keeping her team motivated and on task. Under Gina’s leadership the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has developed several new and innovative value-added benefits for the membership.”  Paul Lawler, Director of Information Technology, Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau – May 1, 2010


“They say in Hawaii industry it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Being a perfectionist, Gina has mastered both. When working with Gina it’s truly a partnership, not a client / vendor relationship. Her level of service is expedient and attentive. If your business is positioned to be marketed in the travel and tourism industry (and often beyond) she is both and ally and an asset. Most importantly, she is surrounded by a great team at HVCB that analyzes their markets strategically and generates results.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity – Dave Mark, Marketing Manager, Roberts Hawaii – March 23, 2010


“I’ve known Gina for years in both a personal and professional capacity. Her drive and determination has kept her organization relevant in Hawaii through good times and bad. She is talented and driven to build strong relationships of value for herself and the organization. I suppose the words trustworthy… and even thoughtful come to mind when I’ve seen her work with members. Since I have known Gina, her boundless energy and blend of professional business focus and human-centric caring has certainly been a benefit to her organization and its members. She’d be a blessing to any organization that had her company. Sincerely, Robyn”  Robyn Blaber, President/CEO, Data Sage LLC –  March 23, 2010


“Gina is the utmost professional, always attending to every detail while at the same time, remaining a fun and enthusiastic motivator. I think she is a great asset to any project or endeavor she is involved with.”   Sandy Lieberman, Vice-President, Holiday Jewelers of Hawaii dba Chateau d’Or – March 17, 2010


“I am pleased to endorse Gina Salvador. Highly competent, resourceful, and personable, Gina is a pleasure to work with. Throughout our association, she has been tremendous supporter of our business and seeks positive win/win outcomes for all of those she come into contact with.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.   Steven Matsuno, General Manager, Seafood Village and Atlantis Seafood and Steakhouse –  March 16, 2010


“Gina exudes passion for her job, and she effortlessly connects people together whether it be on the phone or at networking luncheons. She’s willing to share her knowledge of doing business in the travel industry to her colleagues and business associates. I learned a lot from Gina!”   Marcie Chan, Director of Business Development, Garwin & Chan Associates – February 28, 2010


“Gina was an awesome person to work with! She created a positive atmosphere in the office and for the entire Membership team. Passionate and enthusiastic about Hawaii’s tourism industry, Gina always relayed a sense of “team spirit” to those that worked with her, including myself. Even as an intern, I felt included and valued as a member of the group. I appreciated the opportunity to work with a seasoned veteran of HVCB.”   Shannon Fujimoto, Membership Department Intern, Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau – February 25, 2010


“Gina was the the first contact I made when starting my new business back in 2006. Her combined expertise and personal attention to even minor things (such as my own insecurity about starting a business) were some of the key elements that have made me as successful as I am now – over 3 years later. (Thank you Gina!)” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.   Carrie Lance, Owner, Cherished in Hawaii Weddings – February 17, 2010


“Gina is an excellent team organizer, goal setter and accomplished manager.”   Cynthia Hobson, Admin Asst, HVCB – February 16, 2010


“Gina is a “valuable asset” to work with as she not only knows the daily pulse of the travel/hospitality industry here in Hawaii but is always looking for ways to introduce/setup meetings with those businesses whom she feels can compliment each other. If you don’t know Gina..yet…you are missing out on a great resource.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative   Mike Eberle, Partner, Island Grocery Service – February 16, 2010


“With an emphasis on servicing her client/membership base with the appropriate program, Gina efficiently directs a youthful and energetic team of professionals while establishing and attaining ambitious retention and new membership goals.”   Dexter Young, Consultant, Bechert Business Diagnostics – February 16, 2010


“Gina is one of the very few people in this island knows how to connect each other. And she always smiles to every one.”   Jia Cheng (C.J) Chen, Owner, Baby Can Media LLC & – February 15, 2010


“I have known Gina for many years in which she has always provided result oriented counsel and the highest level of integrity. Gina represents the top 1% of those I ever recommend to consider having in a business relationship — if they are coachable and serious about increasing their results.”   Vincent Molina, President, CAI – February 4, 2010


“As my Director and direct supervisor for nearly fours year, Gina always finds and recognizes the best in everyone she meets. She then goes on to make that person realize their potential. She gets the job done and has, and will continue to, gain the appreciation and loyalty of her employees and clients/members. I highly recommend Gina – she is a creative and effective sales and marketing professional who makes an impact. She has a unique ability to understand a business, and effectively communicate the value that it brings to its customers.”   Dannette Hose, Membership Sales Manager, Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau – May 4, 2009


“I met Miss Salvador when I was the Marketing and Promotions Director at Gold’s Gym in Honolulu in the early 90’s, At the time we were the largest Gold’s Gym in the world. She came to meet with me about getting Gold’s Gym involved with the Visitor’s Bureau. She is very professional and very knowledgeable about the state of Hawaii and the visitor industry. She communicates very well and makes you very comfortable talking about business. I have had several other ventures in Hawaii where her knowledge and professionalism has helped me greatly. If you are going to do any business in Hawaii I would highly recommend contacting Miss Salvador. She is a wealth of information and can help your business in many ways.”   Keith Jones, Owner, Gold’s Gym Kona – April 30, 2009

Recommendations For Gina
Office Manager
Makakilo Texaco Service

“I’ve know Gina for almost 30 years. Our careers began back in the 80’s as we worked together at Makakilo Texaco Service and Gina served as my office manager. Along with keeping up the daily books, deposits and customer service concerns she turned the daily humdrum tasks of operations into something that was fun and exciting.

Gina’s energy, creativity and passion for life are just a few of her qualities. These qualities serve us all in leading a happy and productive life. One of life’s goals is or at least should be the ability to affect another’s life in a positive and memorable way. Gina has accomplished this for me.”   Patrick Makinney, Owner/General Manager, Makakilo Texaco Service – February 24, 2011